TESMAT Privacy Screen for Tesla Model 3: Instructions & Tips

TESMAT Privacy Screen for Tesla Model 3: Instructions & Tips

Privacy Screen Initial Set Up: Carabiner clip and suction cup installation

There are 4 grommets in the privacy screen. Unfold the screen and locate the 2 grommets that are closest to the sewn on storage pouch. This will be the “back” of the screen that is meant to cover the rear windshield. These two grommets should have the suction cups passed through them. To pass the suction cups through, squeeze the D shaped tops and pass through the grommet as in the following picture:

suction cup installation

The other 2 grommets (furthest from the storage pouch) should have the carabiner clips attached. This is the part of the privacy screen meant to cover the front windshield. ​ ​After your suction cups and carabiner clips are attached, please follow this video for installation in your Tesla: ​

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  • Tim Brown

    Does the screen come with the Tesmat?
    On the site it is listed as an accessory. I don’t mind buying it but I e ordered the Tesmat and don’t want ‘2’ privacy screens. I don’t see where you are given a list of items included.

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