Setup and Pack Away Instructions

TESMAT Gen 4 (Spring 2023)

Key Improvements:
  • Thicker 3" thick memory foam
  • 1-piece design to prevent possibility of mattress pieces separating
  • Smaller packed footprint with magnetic compression straps that tighten for further compression

Detach and unroll

Detach the velcro from the rolled up TESMAT and unroll the mattress along one side of the car


Unfold the mattress and tuck the fitted sheets around the sub-trunk lid and over the rear seat headrests

Fold And Roll

Fold and roll the mattress. Then attach the velcro flap to hold the TESMAT in a roll.

strap and compress

Place the rolled up mattress in the carrying case with the preinstalled hard boards facing upwards. Connect the magnetic compression straps. Then, kneel on the mattress to compress it further while tightening the straps.

frunk or subtrunk

The carrying case fits in the frunk (Model Y only) or sub-trunk (Model 3 & Model Y). The choice is yours!